Traveling the selfless path

What is “The Selfless Advantage”?

Selfless – Oxford Dictionaries defines a selfless person as one who is “concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own; unselfish: an act of selfless devotion.”
Dictionary.com defines the word as “having little or no concern for oneself, especially with regard to fame, position, money, etc.; unselfish.”

What does that have to do with “a collection of thoughts and quotes to inspire your daily life”?
Let me explain.

I’ve always enjoyed reading or listening to the wisdom of those that have  gone before me. Those individuals that, somehow, always seem to have that keen sense of understanding about finding peace and tranquility in everyday living. I have found comfort  during hard physical or emotional times by studying the thoughts of great leaders, wise sages and enlightened writers. Over the years, I have often been in conversations with friends and co-workers about the great mysteries of life and the desires that folks have for finding contentment in their lives, especially during hard times.

A few years ago I discovered that technology would allow me to create a space where I could assemble many of the inspiring quotes that have helped me through my own life.  A place where I could share some of my thoughts about life and our own attitudes towards events and circumstances that happen every day.  A website where I could pass along inspiring quotes from famous and not so famous people, both present and past.
So many people before me have shared so much wisdom. I wanted a place where I could give back a little to the human race.

Thus, The Selfless Advantage was born.

The “selfless” part of this blog is not just about the time I  give to searching and researching quotes and stories. The time I spend attempting to sort out my own thoughts about living a “giving” life.  It is also about living a life with a positive view. About sharing good ideas to help others in need. I want readers to find inspiration and hope with each new day.

As for the “advantage” part of this site.
I have learned that the more I give, the more that I receive. This concept is an age old wisdom that has been covered by many religions and beliefs. When I am less selfish and more selfless, I find that I have more contentment and enjoyment in my daily living. I have the right people, things and money show up in my life at the perfect time for many situations. That’s quite an advantage in life.

Another “advantage” of being selfless with our time, money and material things is that we improve society. Everyone involved develops a sense of gratitude for each other. And, when one gives away what they have without hoping or expecting something in return, a peace resides in that person.

Most importantly, The Selfless Advantage is about being selfless to ourselves. Many times the “I” in us, our ego, controls most of our thoughts and actions. We need to be selfless to our own welfare. We need to ignore the ego and look beyond our own situations. By selfless, I mean that we should discard the notion that we need this and that we must always have that. It’s all a matter of perspective.  It’s how we look at our supposed needs and desires and how we choose to react to our situations.

The quotes and thoughts found on The Selfless Advantage are for encouragement. Little snippets of words to help change one’s focus to one of giving to mankind and the planet. These  thoughts and quotes are intended to give a ray of hope to those that are feeling low and lost.

My hope is that you, the reader, will find encouragement as you click around on my blog.
Think positive, accept things that you cannot change, keep you ego in check and give yourself to others. Remember that if you want your life to be fulfilled and satisfying:

“Your basket must be emptied before it can be refilled”



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