Go With The Flow


“Go with the flow.”

I’ve heard this phrase for years. This CAN be good advise. CAN BE, if one is aware and seeing where the flows is leading.
Too many times folks unconsciously choose to not see what’s around them, telling themselves and others that they are just going with the flow. If you simply “go with the flow” without thinking about the world around you,  you might be be surprised when the bad stuff comes your way. Plus, there is a good chance that you will miss all the good things going on around you. “Go with the flow” can be a bad habit.

However, using the “go with the flow” approach to life is great if we keep our eyes open and our thoughts on the events going on around us. By noticing how things are playing out in our lives, we can find more things to be thankful for, more happiness, more purpose and enjoy one heck of a ride thru this short time that we spend as humans.

How are you going with the flow? Are you simply letting the days pass by or are you watching for the wonder of it all?


Photo Credit: LoggaWiggler

Trying to live in a better world.

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