Problems and Happiness


We all have problems. No one is immune from them. From birth to death….The infant cries for milk and an elderly person may worry if tomorrow will come. Reaching, striving and working hard at being happy will never remove any of our individual problems. We must accept the fact that everyday life will bring it’s own set of problems into our lives.
Yet, we still think that “if only this was fixed” or “if only that was solved”, we would find happiness.
I think one of the first things we can do to attain happiness is to simply accept those problems situations as things in our lives that just “are”. They are what they are…..issues, hassles, conflicts………problems. They just are. They have no energy of their own. They are fed by our reactions to them.

I’ve found that the more that I push back against them, the more difficult things become. My thoughts become clearer when realize that solving all of my problems will not bring me any more happiness. Only by accepting and allowing things to play out and observing without judgement, can we relax and begin to see all of the other good things in our lives. When we starting noticing those good little bits of happiness we will begin to think less about our problems.

To quote Steve Maraboli:

What tips do you have for finding happiness in a life filled with problems?


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